Divorce Work

When a couple enters treatment with me to explore divorce options, I will first work hard to determine with them whether, in fact, they need to learn how to be married.  In circumstances, however, where dissolution is the answer, I can help a couple navigate the divorce process without going to Court, and with the integrity and respect necessary to go forward separate and whole.

Over the past ten years I have been a  founder and member of two multi-discipline collaborative divorce groups, CCD (the Coalition for Collaborative Divorce) and most recently ADP (The Alliance for Divorce Professionals), both dedicated to avoiding litigated divorces.  My affiliation with these groups has allowed me to assist in situations where dissolution has been determined to be inevitable, but where the divorcing parties recognize their parental responsibility to provide their children with safety and relational continuity.  I have a high success rate, based on the percentage of my collaborative cases that have “fallen out” of collaborative practice.  None of my cases over the past decade have proceeded to a litigated, contentious divorce.  Most of them have successfully reached a peaceful and positive outcome, co-parents living independent lives in continuous positive contact, their lives separate but interwoven as children grow and leave the nest.  Several cases have “fallen out” of collaborative into reunification – an outcome I consider to be an optimum achievement.

If you are considering divorce, you and your spouse will review your situation, and we’ll evaluate together what your best course of action might be. I work very closely with  multidisciplinary teams of divorce professionals who bring divorcing couples the training, professionalism, and collaborative expertise to see them through this difficult transition in an effective, solution-focused way.